vendredi 22 août 2008

Psalm 152??

Recently, on his blog, the Vadney quoted a mysterious “Psalm 152”. As it happens, there are only 150 Psalms. The verses he quotes are obviously inauthentic, and the first reaction is to wonder where on earth he got this crap from. Crap it may be, but not bad enough to be an original Vadney creation.

O, Lord, how long must people from all nations suffer, because of
bigotry, prejudice, indifference, and greed.
Everyday [sic] we see the weak and the poor humiliated,
and the nations are at war.
We know you hear the cry of the poor,
and you listen to our prayers.
Come to our aid O, Lord less [sic]
we grow weary and faint of heart.
Our prayers and sacrifices rise up to you,
With each rising and setting of the sun.
We trust in you O, Lord,
that the wicked will receive retribution
and the virtuous their reward.
Praise to you Lord for your promises
and faithfulness.
We will always give you Praise
and Thanksgiving all the days of our life.

In fact, the above was taken from the site of a bunch of crackpots calling themselves the “St. Agnes Charismatic Prayer Group”, who have published a collection of 10 “psalms”, under the following rubric:

The ten psalms below represent a collection of psalms written by members of the St. Agnes Charismatic Prayer Group. They came about as a result of a study group given by the Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal Office. They have been numbered 151 to 160 and are not to be confused with the Book of Psalms written several centuries ago.

Several centuries ago?! More like three millennia ago!! These people, despite their religious pretensions, know less about the Bible than the average village atheist. And if they want to avoid confusion with the Book of Psalms, why do they continue the numbering sequentially from where the Book of Psalms left off?

For his part, the Vadney does not bother acknowledging his source; so one can only assume he doesn’t even know this is not a genuine Psalm. or he is trying to deceive his readers into thinking it is one. I note in passing that while the Vadney has corrected the obvious blunder of “less” for “lest”, he has left the equally cretinous “Everyday” for “Every day” intact.

Hmmm. The “weak and poor humiliated”? Is the Vadney thinking of himself in quoting these verses? I must admit that “weak” is not really an adequate word to describe Vadney. Perhaps “impotent” would be closer to the mark. But we do know he has recently claimed to be “a poor person”. Still, if he feels “humiliated”, so much the better. He deserves to be humiliated with his lies and venom.

His parting remark is:
When all else seems vainglorious and the wicked work their mischief and seek victims, pray!

Well, one wonders what Vadney means by “vainglorious” here. Of course, everything the narcissistic little worm does is vainglorious, especially praying. And I happen to know that the Vadney, a “wicked” person if ever there was one, is actively seeking out victims: writing unctuous little emails to people seeking to either entrap them or recruit them as witnesses for his next masturbatory court case. Is the “prayer” meant for him or for his intended victims?

PS: How apt!

It has just been drawn to my attention that there are in fact five “Apocryphal Psalms of David”. Apparently, neither the charismatic loonies mentioned above nor the Vadney were aware of them either (but then I’m not a Christian: what’s their excuse?). [Content deleted due to factual query. I will rewrite this section when I get time to check the Apocryphal Psalms. None of this detracts from the fact that the Vadney tried to p(s)alm off a contemporary writing as a canonical, then an Apocryphal, Psalm.]